Sole Cycling has delivered Bikeability on behalf of Local Authorities since 2010, delivering thousands of places and helping young people and their families to start riding safely on the road.

If your school is not already delivering Bikeability then please ask them to get in touch, or fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll drop them a line.

Bikeability Level 1 is an ideal introduction to the skills needed to ride on the road. The sessions actually take place off-road, on a playground or similar and introduce skills such as signalling and looking over the shoulder as well as helping riders to conduct a helmet, clothing and bike check to make sure they are ready to ride on the road. This session typically takes around 2-3 hours.

At the completion of Level 1 riders can then take part in a Level 2 road-based course. These courses typically take around 6-7 hours to complete depending on the number of riders, with a maximum of 6 riders per instructor offering plenty of practice time. There are 9 skills to cover, with riders moving on as they grow in confidence, from starting and ending a journey, to passing parked cars, U-turning, passing a junction and understanding rights of way, to finally completing left and right turns from a major road (a ‘straight on’ junction) onto a minor road (the junction that stops to give way) and from a minor road onto a major road. There is no specified order to sessions, with good instructors being able to adapt sessions to the environment they are working in and provide real-life situations for riders to practice in.

We are proud of our 100% safety record over 9 years of delivery and over 10,000 young people taught.

Level 3 is an ideal course for those looking to develop their skills and allow them to commute to work or school. With a maximum ratio of 3 riders to 1 instructor, sessions follow more of a ‘ride’ format, with the group completing a journey together, and working on specific elements encountered along the way. Typical coaching points include, roundabouts, traffic lights, changing into another lane while riding as well as more technical elements of riding on top of all 9 skills covered in Level 2. Sessions last around 3 hours.

Riders do not need to complete Levels sequentially. If you are an older rider looking for more support on the road but are more then happy with your skill and confidence level then you can start at Level 3 for example.

All 3 levels are certificated and riders are also given badges upon successful completion.

These courses make ideal workplace CPD activities and really help support staff to feel confident to ride to work, thus reducing traffic and car parking concerns and increasing productivity and happiness of the team.